Bachelorette Party Planning CenterBachelorette Party Planning Center
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"Your party ideas are so much fun I have sent all my friends to you.." 
C. Blake

"The Bachelorette Party was fab - thanks to you guys!"
Lisa D.

"Prices are great - so much cheaper than the rest of the web - keep up the good work! " 
Anita W.

"Appreciate the prompt answers that came in response to my email questions.. " 
Linda J.

"Got all the pecker novelties it in time to be a hit at the party. Thanks" 
Laura L.

"You have awesome service."
J. R.

"I have been hearing that from all the girls at the bachelorette party since the night we had it!  Everyone had so much fun - thanks for your help!"
B. H.

"Thanks...none of the other Bachelorette sites could answer any of my questions or coult tell me if they had the party supplies in stock.  You took my order at 11 AM and I received notice it was shipped by 1 PM.  You guys where a lifesaver."
Gina T.

"The whole order arrived on time and was well packaged - Thanks"
Tina C.

"Excellent customer service - very helpful and responsive!" 
S. Meeks

"Thanks for your great service and the products are so-o-o much fun"
B. Walsh

"Thank you, you guys are the greatest.  I told all of my friends."
S. F.

"I can't believe I waited till the last minute - you guys saved my life"
Carol D.

"Great job planning and helping out with our event! It was unforgettable!"

"I can't believe how fast you ship - I didn't get enought party favors the first time I ordered and you got them to me in time - thanks.  Without your help the party could have been a disaster!"
Melissa S.

"The pecker cookies where the hit of the party - your recipes and instructions really helped.  I am no cook and could not have made them without your help."
Kimberly H.

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Bachelorette Party Planning Center
Bachelorette Party Planning Center
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